Saturday, March 27, 2010

Interviewing: Not as easy as it looks on TV...

Well, this week, I'm supposed to incorporate the content from this section into planning for my final project interview component.

This, I believe, will be rather easy seeing as how a good chunk of my project will lie within interviewing roommates and friends around the Clemson Exchange Community.

Notably, I hope to rehearse and prepare accordingly over the next few weeks with questions and materials in an attempt to shape the main points of the final. This will involve narrowing down my questions, and choosing a format in which questions will come from. At the moment, I am stuck between using the same questions for each person, and just cutting from one person to the next to the next, or using different questions targeted specifically to my personal, professional, and private.

As it stands now, I will be having my roommate and my girlfriend's roommate interviewed as my personal. For professional, I believe I will get my residential assistant to help, and as for professional, at the moment, I do not have any idea. Perhaps I could interview American students such as myself who are volunteering their living arrangements and time to be around people from other countries. Or I can interview someone who is in charge of the numbers of the C.E.C. program, possibly someone who's involved in housing, and get some input as far as if exchange students are increasing in size and what is being done to advertise Clemson to the world.

As for my interview location, I will probably be using my apartment. Depending on the time, I will probably use the couch and the table in the apartment, and with any luck, use the fluorescent lights that hang on the ceiling. I do not know how this will determine the camera lighting, but I will be certainly testing this out. As for scenery in the shots, I will most likely incorporate anything that is unique; for example, my roommate is not a fan of the food here in America, so he orders food that is very similar to what is consumed from India. The same thing applies with my girlfriend's roommate, and anything that can be incorporated in to making her comfortable here in the United States. As for the remainder of my films, I plan on relying heavily on recording the areas around Calhoun Courts to show the life and treatment that a college student endures through the fun and challenging times.

As for the public, I imagine I can use shots of Tillman Hall and the mountain, and specifically distinctive points that classify Clemson as the ideal campus and reveal what is alluring to others who have never been here.

But first, and foremost, I have to attempt to find a camera, and secure one for at least three days in order to get the filming correct and elaborate. This will be the most difficult part because cameras are only allowed to be checked out for one night, and the chances of arranging a check-out three days straight is slim to none, so managing my time for this final project and my other classes may be a little challenging. However, it will just take focus and detail. At the moment, I don't know how to splice videos, but I will be checking into that soon.

I hope all is okay with everyone else and that you all are staying focused and enjoying the time overseas.

I will probably post a final result tomorrow night, so stay tuned as I ask my interviewees if they are willing and able.