Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Unshrouding of Online Communities...

Unfortunately, I feel like I'm going to disappoint all of you online fans who are trekking to my site.

For those who don't know me, the many can vouch that when it comes to online involvement, I do not participate in anything.

I have never relied fully on staying up on posts and pictures, viewing different web layouts and sparkly, shimmering changes that rivaled the social factions schools designate their peers into.

I can't say that I even joined in forums and groups through the use of Youtube, DeviantArt, or Wikipedia.

It seemed with the birth of MySpace, everyone was looking for ample opportunity in defining the reason of who they were and why they existed.

For love, to be unique, to preach the word, to give their word, to hide behind the words, each person seemed to want to tell the world about them.

And I... I just couldn't get into it. I believed that such attention wasn't necessary. Mastery over words required finesse, and storytelling could be obliterated rather easily when the only meaning to your postings and news were built on exaggerations and lies. Moral compasses get tossed and turned, and one loses footing in the real world. What started out as mere "altered" fabrications of truth turn into extended lies built on top of misunderstandings and denial and lying.

Nonetheless, I am getting used to changing my ways to glimpse into how the world now actively chats. Or perhaps "chat" is too casual a word. Communicating and exploring the depths of the cultures and diversities that we are traveling through hold an important key in understanding the world and solving every particular problem out there.

I propose that by the third week of posting blogs, I will have joined the online communities for the CAAH 120 through FaceBook and I believe, Blogosphere.

And as I mentioned last week, I am not familiar with how to naturally blog and post videos and all that fun stuff. As a pledge to learn a little more about technology as I am our culture, I am posting three videos exclusively through YouTube with my Google account.

These videos are a little rough. I wanted to get used to filming "random" opportunities and did it more for the footage than the film. If it's shaky, loud, or soft at times, I apologize, and reassure you that this is the way it's supposed to be. So make sure you watch them, and let me know what you think!


William Harris