Saturday, April 24, 2010

Error in my last posting...

For some reason, YouTube did not post my last video correctly. The public project is the following:

If there's any problems, email me. Thanks.

FINAL POSTING... The last for now!

Last, here is the last multimodal essay, the Public project:

Hope you enjoy!

FINAL POSTING... still going strong until the end!

Well, here is the next video, and the link posting for the Professional multimodal project. Here is the link:

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FINAL POSTING... how sad.

Well bloggers, this is my last post. I have constructed the three videos, and uploaded them to YouTube. The first link is for the Personal multimodal essay:


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rhetorical Analysis of Artifacts...

So our assignment this week is to get a hands-on feel for artifacts and other materials that belong to our country.

Well, this isn't difficult as much as it is a challenge to find worthwhile material to share.

I think to start off first, I'd like to share a link, which is as follows:

This picture, which is from the link above, is a "print screen shot" of the video.

Geraldine, who is my girlfriend's roommate, was kind enough to show me this back in December. I decided to dig it up and use it again, because it's interesting to discuss and makes for a fascinating point.

Basically, this link is for Belgian customers who pay broadcasting fees for radio and television programs. It belongs to Radiotjanst, and this link was sent to several customers in show of appreciation for their contribution and dedication.

Now, while putting together a web video that can be sent anywhere and used by anyone seems a little too simple, or ordinary, it had me question Belgian ethnos, archon, and techne.

I can only surmise that the company determined making a web clip for customers would inevitably trickle down to potential strangers interested in Radiotjanst, and in return, promote itself through appreciation. The fact that I can see my face on two billboards, on a clipboard floating in a space station, and in a little girl's wallet and being redeemed by the world as a hero has boosted my ego, and made me more curious about the company.

And even if one's curiosity ends just at utilizing this nifty link, it still involves someone, anyone, passing this on and keeping it moving to others who might be interested and want to learn more.

Now, while American commercials and advertisements dare us to try products and foods, there is little incorporation of the consumer. Most notably, Dominoes did change their recipe, ingredients, and more to improve themselves, but this was more out of dissatisfaction than appreciation. The way Radiotjanst communicates with the society around them is intriguing, and the technological promotions and advertisements they use seem to be a world in and of itself.

As for my second artifact, I'm going to have to stretch it, because we haven't delved deeply into conversation or other forms of media and interest. I can offer information about the types of chocolates they eat, and I will probably include this if I can fit in some of the different eating habits compared to that of America.

After Christmas, Geraldine was kind enough to bring back chocolate that passed Customs and much to our surprise, it tasted very... bitter. The texture and flavor was rich, but for American taste, it lacked sweetness, which is what gets us by day to day when we eat Hershey's, Snickers, or a Twix. Surprisingly, chocolate over there is usually 60% to 85% bittersweet, especially cocoa. A noticeable example of this is for Valentine's Day, I made the mistake of buying this (and other) kinds of chocolate for my girlfriend, she was forced to give it up to Geraldine because it was too bitter for her or myself.

I know I have limited time to actually conduct my interview and to show proof of personal, public, and professional, I think food is a strong role, especially when considering how Clemson in the South compares to New York, California, and Delaware, and her impression of food in general. There is no doubt products that we take for granted are different, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi, milk, and other products.

Well, this is all I have for now. I look forward to posting next week, as normal, about my plans and my progress. I shall see you all back here, same time, different week.